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"Though still living, they remain under the Bokor's power until the Bokor dies."

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We are the one who truly believe the world needs this. Today the population is 7.1 billion and rising, but the total accumulation of people, living and dead, has reached 108 billion. That was interesting enough, but what do when 101 billion dead are flooding the streets? Go silently into the night? We have prepared for everything in this day in age. We can handle hurricanes, earthquakes, meteors, and everything else this earth has been able to spit at us, we must handle this. Prepare to embrace our zombie overlords, or take them down. The choice is up to you and either way we've got you covered. We like to explore all things zombie, from the Haitian zombies to the modern day walkers, groaners and runners alike. Ones that ooze and ones that are crispy. They're all part of this. Subscribe to day to see what we have dug up just for you!