The Artists

Do you draw, paint, or digitally design zombies? If we use your art we will request usage rights. We will of course give you credit and a roll-up art case with your choice of brushes or charcoal as well as a copy of the merchandise for your portfolio.

Send submissions to SUBMIT@ZCHEST.COM

The Musicians

In the not so immediate future we will be putting together some mixtapes to send out with the boxes and possibly a zombie music download page. If you have music that is zombie or horror themed, we would love to hear it!  You retain the rights and get some promotion and get a mini condenser mic for your trouble and the usage rights.

Send submissions to SUBMIT@ZCHEST.COM

The Directors?

We want commercials. While we have some in the works, if your the next Romero, we want to see what you can do. Student films are more than welcome. SJ4000 Action Cam if we use the work!

Send submissions to SUBMIT@ZCHEST.COM


Rotational promotions go on the facebook page , though we are always looking for pictures with the boxes and how much you loved any certain items. .